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Revive MD Immune is a new multivitamin supplement containing a blend of effective antioxidants, including alpha-lipoic acid, N-acetylcysteine ​​and acetyl L-carnitine....Read more

Revive MD Immune is a new multivitamin supplement containing a blend of effective antioxidants, including alpha-lipoic acid, N-acetylcysteine ​​and acetyl L-carnitine. The preparation supporting immunity, increases the production of ATP cellular energy, provides the necessary microelements and nutrients.

Immune supplement contains high quality ingredients to provide the best immune support to your body. The product contains active substances with scientifically proven effects, supporting the obtaining of energy reserves and the supply of vitamins most important for health. The preparation supporting the immune system Immune is intended for both men and women of all ages, requiring support of the immune system, in states of reduced immunity.

Vitamin A - a key vitamin when it comes to the health of our skin, hair and nails. That is why it is often an invaluable ingredient in skin and hair supplements. The use of vitamins is particularly important for dry and acne prone skin. It helps the skin to maintain an adequate level of hydration, making the skin more elastic and soft. It also helps in the fight against signs of aging such as wrinkles. It is helpful in reducing stretch marks or signs of peeling.

Vitamin C - is the basis for the structure of the skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels and valves in the heart. Ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant, accelerates the decomposition of harmful substances formed under the influence of intense training, also effectively protects against infections. Another advantage of this vitamin is the improvement of iron absorption and improvement of oxygen transport to cells, which clearly translates into improved muscle condition. Effective absorption of oxygen extends the time of muscle work and delays the stage of anaerobic muscle breathing that causes soreness. In addition, vitamin C effectively leaches lactic acid from the muscles and thus accelerates the regeneration process after training. In addition, ascorbic acid affects the release of male hormones including testosterone which is desired by athletes.

Vitamin D - has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, prevents rickets, strengthens the heart and soothes inflammation. In addition, vitamin D regulates insulin secretion, which affects the proper level of sugar in the blood. Studies show that it stimulates the bone marrow to produce defense cells and prevents certain cancers.

Vitamin B1 - very well soluble in water, which effectively affects its absorption. It plays an important role in tissue respiration, including carbohydrate metabolism. It is one of the most important vitamins, which deficiencies can lead to weakness of the body, chronic fatigue, vision problems, circulatory failure, digestive system disorders and even in extreme cases to depression.

Riboflavin - performs important functions in the body, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system as well as the immune system. Together with vitamin A, it is responsible for the proper and good condition of mucous membranes, including mucous membranes of the digestive tract, skin and blood vessels. Some scientific studies report that it is involved in the formation of erythrocytes and blood.

Niacin - is extremely important for the functioning of the peripheral nervous system. Niacin increases the activity of mitochondria. In addition, it contributes to the proper maintenance of cholesterol in the blood, and also participates in the synthesis of sex hormones: insulin, cortisol and thyroxine.

Vitamin B6 - has a beneficial effect on the overall mood, is responsible for restful sleep, reduces the feeling of pain and prevents the occurrence of various types of chronic diseases. Its level is lowered, among others, by stress. It is a multidirectional vitamin. It is involved in many enzymatic reactions, and its correct level is crucial in maintaining and promoting health.

Folate Quatrofolic - folic acid prevents up to 70% of neural tube defects. The intake of the right amount of folic acid at this stage is therefore very important. Folic acid also has an important impact on the health of the future mother because it reduces the risk of developing anemia and helps in concentration and relieves the feeling of chronic fatigue.

Vitamin B12 - belongs to the group of vitamins that are soluble in water. It is known by other names: cobalamin or cyanocobalamin. It is not a single substance but a chemical compound containing, among others, cobalt. Deficiencies of vitamin B12 are particularly dangerous and concern mainly the psychological sphere, the nervous system and the hematopoietic system. Vitamin B12 acts as a non-protein component of the enzyme necessary for its activity in the production of monoamine neurotransmitters important for the brain: dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine.

Biotin - is part of the vitamin B group, although it is not a vitamin. It is a coenzyme that works in conjunction with vitamins. It is necessary for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. As a coenzyme, it participates in many processes and is used by every cell in the body. Biotin is involved in energy metabolism and plays an important role in the use of glucose. It is necessary for the growth and replication of cells and allows the creation and maintenance of chemical structures of keratin (the main protein found in hair and nails).

Pantothenic Acid - is extremely important for skin as well as hair. Deficiency of vitamin B5 in the body is manifested by pathological changes on the skin, such as keratosis or excessive peeling of the epidermis, pigmentation disorders as well as hair loss. Deficiency of this vitamin causes foot numbness.

Choline Bitartrate - choline is a substance necessary for the proper functioning and construction of every cell in our body. It occurs in the body in compounds called phospholipids, the most known of them and occurring in the largest amount is lecithin. Phospholipids perform many functions in our body, build cell membranes and act as transmitters in the nervous system (most likely they take part in the "creation" of memory). An important function of choline is its participation in the transport and metabolism of cholesterol and other fats - reduces their deposition in the wall of vessels and gallbladder, besides, it affects the liver (also reduces fat deposition) and kidneys (regulates the amount of urine excreted).

Calcium - is a basic mineral component, affecting, among others, maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body necessary for its proper functioning. It is an important component of bone tissue and is necessary for its proper development, as well as for the processes of smooth functioning of nerves, muscles and the heart.

Iodine - iodine is a mineral necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) thyroid hormones are thyrosine-based hormones produced by the thyroid gland and are necessary for proper metabolism. The thyroid gland controls basic metabolic functions such as body temperature regulation, tissue growth and development, and energy levels. All these activities are activated by the synthesis of Tiroxin (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), whose iodine content is close to 60%.

Magnesium - supports the proper functioning of the nervous system, affects psychological functions, is responsible for healthy bones and teeth. It contributes to the activation of about 300 enzymes involved in the carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. In addition, it has a positive effect on blood vessels by acting as an anticoagulant.

Zinc - is one of the most important minerals for the body because it is involved in many metabolic processes (including accelerating the synthesis of body proteins). The most important activity of this mineral is, however, its effect on the appropriate level of testosterone, which, as you know, is very important for maximum and rapid growth.

Selenium - is a very important mineral for maintaining health. Its strong antioxidant activity protects cells against free radicals, thus counteracting the effects of oxidative stress, preventing cell aging. It protects tissues against degeneration and maintains skin elasticity and youth. In addition, the mineral stimulates the immune system and also has anti-inflammatory function.

Manganese - regulates the work of the nervous system, affects fat metabolism, is involved in the transformation of sex hormones, necessary to maintain normal bone condition.

Chromium - improves the transport of amino acids to the cells, stimulates energy metabolism. For people who are slimming and exercising, an important property of chromium is its positive effect on reducing the need to reach for sweet snacks.

Potassium - is one of the most important electrolytes and shows key importance for maintaining normal fluid levels in the body. Potassium together with sodium and chloride is the composition of extracellular fluids.

NAC - is a modified form of cysteine ​​that has been attached to the acetyl group. has the effect of raising the level of antioxidant-glutathione, which in turn reduces damage at the cellular level, accelerates post-traumatic regeneration processes and promotes the construction of dry muscle mass. The reduction of damage at the cellular level is closely correlated with the delay of aging processes. NAC binds and excretes toxic metabolites formed when steroids pass through the liver.

Acetyl L-Carnitine Hydrochloride - is an acetylated and metabolically active form of the amino acid L-carnitine - a vitamin-like substance. Its main properties include nootropic, neuroprotective, antioxidant and promoting fat metabolism in mitochondria. In addition, Acetylcarnitine positively affects the condition of the circulatory system and tissue sensitivity to insulin; it also reduces tiredness. The substance also participates in the regulation of hormonal balance - it mainly affects testosterone and cortisol levels.

ALA - alpha-lipoic acid is a natural organic compound from the group of carboxylic acids, which plays an important role in removing free radicals, also has the ability to chelate metal ions, which improves the process of removing heavy metals from the body. Alpha-lipoic acid actively supports weight loss, which promotes the loss of excessive kilograms, further reducing excessive appetite and uncontrolled hunger attacks.

Green Tea Leaf Extract - owes its slimming properties to catechins, namely a substance called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Catechins contained in green tea extract have a significant impact on fat reduction. They inhibit the absorption of fats from food and increase their consumption by the body. In addition, green tea increases the activity of some enzymes responsible for the digestive process, has a positive effect on liver metabolism, increases thermogenesis and accelerates fat oxidation.

HiActives Organic Broccoli Sprout - broccoli extract rich in suforfan delays inflammation and reduces oxidative stress. Sulforaphane used in LG Sciences Mystato is one of the most effective compounds protecting against cancer. The ingredients contained in broccoli reduce aromatase activity by reducing the conversion of androgens to harmful estrogen.

Inositol - is a natural compound necessary for the proper functioning of our body. It improves the mood, regulates the endocrine system, reduces the level of bad cholesterol and stimulates the regeneration of all tissues of our body. In addition, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the reproductive system of men and women, which is why it is sometimes called the "fertility vitamin".

Trans-Resveratrol - a powerful antioxidant. It slows down the aging process, is currently considered the best anti-aging anti-oxidant in the world. Reduces the breakdown rate of collagen fibers in the skin, as well as in the tendons and ligaments, having a positive effect on joint regeneration. A powerful antioxidant, sweeping free radicals that damage healthy body cells. The substance reduces the absorption of LDL cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels, reducing the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. It inhibits platelet aggregation and prevents the formation of dangerous clots. Is perceived as a substance that has anti-obesity properties and may also have beneficial effects in diabetes prevention

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