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PES Select Vegan


Who is it for?


Anyone choosing to focus on plant based nutrition will enjoy this protein. This is far and away the best tasting vegan protein on the market and is a blend of pea and rice protein.


Key Points


Contains all the essential amino acids (some plant proteins do not)

Great taste

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Lactose Free

Naturally flavoured and sweetened

Company Description


Select Vegan uses a blend of two top quality sources of plant protein. We chose protein sources that have been clinically tested in humans for their effects on muscle building. And we stay away from weak estrogenic proteins like soy.


Simple Formula


Select Vegan Protein contains no fillers, no fluff, no label dressing. Just a handful of perfectly formulated ingredients depending on the flavor.


Let’s be honest...the vast majority of vegan proteins taste terrible. To make a vegan protein taste great you need two things: Top quality ingredients, and a special flavoring craft that PEScience possesses.


We started with the top quality source of every ingredient in the mix, making Select Vegan likely the most expensive protein on the market to produce. But that is what we do for our customers.We then take our flavoring craft and spend months, literally, creating the absolute best flavoring possible. Each Select Vegan is sweetened only with stevia.