Advice from Supplement WorldHydropureWho is it for?Hydropure is very versatile. It is great for high level athletes and every day people. It tastes amazing making it great for those who like to add it to smoothies or baking. This protein is the best tasting Hydrolized protein on the market and the price point will suit most individuals looking for a high quality option.Key Points3rd Party Tested to ensure product meets label claims.Hydrolyzed protein for quick delivery.Low carbLow fatCanadian BrandCompany Description100% HYDROLYZED WHEYWhen training gets intense, serious athletes can’t afford any delays in the muscle-building process. Unlike standard proteins or whey isolates, HYDROPURE’s® premium 100% whey hydrolysates are specially-designed to accelerate protein absorption and synthesis. Ultra-low in carbs and fat, this elite whey protein provides lean, delicious, and lightning-fast nutrition for high-performing athletes who demand the best.LIGHTSPEED MUSCLE BUILDINGHydrolyzation takes the purest protein and “pre-digests” it by breaking some of the amino acid bonds to form small polypeptide chains of amino acids, which supports increased protein absorption rates. With these refined and readily-absorbed muscular building blocks, HYDROPURE’s® hydrolyzed whey crushes the digestion speed and uptake performance of even the best whey isolates!3RD PARTY QUALITY VERIFIEDNUTRABOLICS® is setting a new level of transparency and quality. Every batch of our protein is tested by an independent 3rd party lab to verify that its purity and protein content meets or exceeds our label claims — NO EXCEPTIONS*.LOCATE THE 7 DIGIT LOT# ON THE BOTTOM OR SHOULDER OF YOUR GEN 5 PROTEIN BOTTLE AND ENTER IT BELOW TO SEE YOUR PROTEIN’S 3RD PARTY LAB ANALYSIS*Protein batch quality acceptance is based on a tolerance level of 98% of protein label claim or higher.100% TRANSPARENTMany brands are trying hide behind proprietary blends, some with low dosages and fillers to reduce costs. Unlike these brands, transparency is something that Nutrabolics values above all else. We pride ourselves in designing strong and effective, products with 100% disclosure on all of our formulas; no exceptions. In maintaining this commitment to clean, reliable supplements, Nutrabolics adheres to the following core principals across our product line:No proprietary blendsNo undisclosed ingredientsNo artificial colours or dyesEffective, clinical dosingAmazing tasting formulasPremium protein sources onlyZero amino spikingMANUFACTURING EXCELLENCENutrabolics® adheres to strict certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in all of our products. GMP manufacturers require quality assurance programs in place that ensure our supplements are consistently manufactured, prepared and stored to meet specific quality standards. Nutrabolics® tests and assesses all raw materials to confirm identity, purity, strength and composition. Site Licenses are issued by Health Canada to manufacturing sites that meet all the requirements of the natural health product regulations. The Nutrabolics® product line is fully NPN certified for optimal Health Canada compliance.