MUTANT GEAARClinical research has shown that 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) plus arginine are needed to build muscle and increase recovery. Very few EAA supplements contain arginine, which is a conditionally essential amino acid (CEAA) needed during overtraining and prolonged dieting, but it also increases insulin and nitric oxide and helps shuttle amino acids into muscle. GEAAR was formulated with 9.4 grams of EAAs plus arginine, 7 grams of BCAAs and 4 grams of leucine. GEAAR is also stacked with natural electrolytes to maximize performance and made with no artificial flavours, colours or dyes. With over 10 grams of active ingredients in one scoop, GEAAR is the most complete EAA supplement commercially available.‡Supports Muscle Growth & Recovery‡Leucine Loaded4 g Clinical Dose – Highest Dose of Any EAAMetabolized into HICA & HMB for Anticatabolic Effects‡Activates mTOR = Increase Protein Synthesis‡9.4 g EAAs + ArginineIncreases Insulin, Nitric Oxide & Nutrient Delivery‡7 g BCAAs (8:3:3) – Highest Dose of Any EAAFermented/Vegan Aminos (Micronized & Instantized)675 mg ElectrolytesContains All 7 Electrolytes Needed by Your BodyCoconut Water PowderSea Salt210 mg ALBION® Magnesium Bisglycinate (buffered), Providing 60 mg Pure Elemental MagnesiumAquamin® Red Algae Minerals (Patented)BioPerine® (Patented)Increases Absorption 25%**Drug Tested by Informed-Choice for Over 200 Banned SubstancesNo Synthetic Colors or FlavorsNo Proprietary BlendsFreakin' Delicious!30 Servings