Advice from Supplement WorldPre JymWho is it for?Individuals looking for research backed ingredients in proper doses love the Pre/Post Jym Stack. Informed Choice certifications make this pre workout safe for drug tested athletes.-Key points6 grams of Citruline for endurance, blood flow, and pumps.6 grams of BCAA’s to stimulate protein synthesis and aid muscle recovery.Beta Alanine for increasing muscle carnosine levels to aid with endurance.Creatine HCL for strength with no water retention. -NotesClinical dosing relies on combining this product with Post Jym. One of the most effective combinations on the market.If you’ve never had a pre workout with beta alanine before, you may find your skin “tingles”This is a normal and safe side effect of beta alanine that will subside over time.Company Description No Proprietary BlendsFull doses of 13 science-backed ingredients.6 grams of citrulline malate to promote better muscle endurance and bigger muscle pumps.6 grams of BCAAs in the 2:1:1 ratio best for blunting muscle fatigue, boosting muscle  performance, and increasing muscle growth.2 grams of creatine HCL for greater strength, endurance, and muscle growth.2 grams of CarnoSyn beta-alanine to boost muscle power, strength, endurance,  and muscle growth.1.5 grams of betaine for greater power and strength during workouts.600 milligrams of N-acetyl L-cysteine to support your body's amino acid profile during exercise.500 milligrams of betavulgaris L.(beet) extract to provide real nitric oxide donors for bigger pumps and better energy.300 milligrams of caffeine to boost alertness and drive, increase muscle strength  and endurance, during workouts for greater training intensity.150 milligrams of AlphaSize alpha-GPC for better drive, focus, and strength in the gym.50 micrograms of huperzine A to increase mental focus and establish a stronger  mind-muscle connection.5 milligrams of BioPerine to enhance absorption of nutrients for even better results.Look at the supplement facts panel on your favorite pre-workout product and you’ll most likely see the term “proprietary blend.” Supplement companies want you to think this means they’ve created a special blend of ingredients that magically work together to deliver unique results. Because this blend is so amazing, they have to keep the doses of each ingredient secret so no other company steals the formula.The truth, however, is that propriety blends serve a different purpose. They allow supplement companies to hide how little of each ingredient they’ve actually put in a product. This results in cheap, underdosed, ineffective supplements.Pre JYM doesn’t use proprietary blends. Take a look at its supplement facts pane and you’ll see the actual doses of all 13 ingredients. I have nothing to hide. I’m proud of the amount of each and every ingredient I’ve included. Together, those 13 ingredients in those exact doses are the closest thing to a magical formula that you’re going to find.Proper DosesFor the reasons detailed above, many supplement companies are moving toward transparency and axing proprietary blends. That’s a good thing. However, these companies are still guilty of grossly underdosing ingredients.Take citrulline malate, for example. The research on this potent amino acid shows that you need 6 grams per dose. Most pre-workout products leave out citrulline entirely, and none of them provide anywhere close to 6 grams. Until now.No "Abbreviated" FormulasA handful of companies are as fed up as I am with proprietary blends and underdosed formulas, but they fall short by using “abbreviated” formulas. An abbreviated formula is one that uses proper dosing of all ingredients, but only includes a few ingredients.Take, for example, a pre-workout formula that includes beta-alanine, creatine, caffeine, and tyrosine. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it could be made a lot more effective through the addition of ingredients like citrulline malate, betaine, and BCAAs, to name just a few. Why would companies not create the most robust formula possible? Because adding more ingredients costs too much money.Pre JYM includes 13 ingredients that work in concert to prime the body for intense workouts, making it the most complete pre-workout supplement available. If you're looking for the most complete exercise nutrition program available on the market today, take my Pre JYM Active Matrix after workout to get even greater doses of potent ingredients like Creatine HCl, Betaine, and Beta-Alanine.No ConcentratesMany companies also try to trick buyers by calling their pre-workout product “concentrated.” A serving of one of these “concentrated” products can contain as few as 3 to 6 grams of powder. What kind of magic did they use to cram enough creatine, beta-alanine, citrulline, arginine, caffeine, and other ingredients into that tiny dose? They didn’t use any magic, which is why all of those “concentrated” formulas also include proprietary blends. That’s also why the serving size of Pre JYM is more than 26 grams. It contains 13 ingredients at proper, powerful doses.JS, Not BSI’ve been studying supplement science in the lab and gym for decades. I’ve been delivering supplement advice to millions of people in the pages of Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, and Muscle & Fitness Hers, as well as here on and my own website,, for over a decade.Most importantly, I’ve been training since I was 11 years old. Before each of my workouts, I would draw on all of my experience and all of my education to concoct my own pre-workout supplement, combining ingredients from 13 different bottles and tubs.That’s why I developed Pre JYM. I wanted to give my friends, colleagues, all of you, and myself the ability to access, in one bottle, the best ingredients in the exact doses suggested to help build lean muscle, torch body fat, improve strength, and boost speed.