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ANS Prophecy 

Who is it for?
The individual who finds no pre workouts give him/her a kick anymore. 
Key points
6 grams of Citruline for endurance, pumps, and blood flow.
PeakO2 added for endurance (mushroom blend based around Cordyceps)
400mg of caffeine for a massive kick.
125mg of Teacrine. The body does not become desensitized to Teacrine and Teacrine potentiates the effects of caffeine. If you have become stimulant tolerant this is a huge bonus.
Beta Alanine for endurance and buffering the affects of lactic acid. 
If you’ve never had a pre workout with beta alanine before, you may find your skin “tingles”
This is a normal and safe side effect of beta alanine that will subside over time.
This is a high stimulant product recommended only for advanced users.

Company description 

Prophecy™ combines the scientific power of clinically dosed ergogenic ingredients to deliver the ultimate performance experience. Elevate nitric oxide for incredible muscle pumps; revel in the explosive power; relentless focus, superhuman endurance, and boundless energy. Unleash your untapped potential and fulfill your own Prophecy™.

Unparalleled Performance Experience
Boost Muscle Power & Endurance with PeakO2™
Elevate Nitric Oxide for Mind-blowing Muscle Pumps
Limitless Energy and Focus with No Crash
Featuring 7 Clinically Dosed Ergogenic Ingredients
Massive 22g Serving with No Cheap Ingredient Fillers
Amazing Flavors with Zero Sugar and No Artificial Colors



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