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Struggling with quarantine gains? We were too.

Trapped at home searching for another new Netflix series isn't your usual after work routine. Sleeping in and sitting around all morning isn't how you usually start your day. Working from home, or being off of work, isn't how you spend your days and doesn't leave you feeling your best. But, it's the world we're all in for now.

The monotony of sitting at home and the feeling of despair watching your hard built fitness habits get ripped away from you is not a good feeling for anyone. It took years of sacrifice to not only build the results we've attained, but also to build the lifestyle we have. Or, for those newer to this, you may feel you had FINALLY made that change you'd been striving to make for years and just had it taken away from you.

We get it. We were there too. And while you don't HAVE to make this period of isolation some monumental life changing experience and it's perfectly OK to deal with this difficult time in whatever manner is best for you, some of us deal with life best when we are making forward progress. For myself and most of our team, that is the case.

While our fitness goals are such a small thing in the big picture of this pandemic, that doesn't mean they are nothing. For myself, I had FINALLY gotten myself back into shape after the first time in ten years that I had fallen away from my fitness goals. It took a lot to build that routine back into my life after falling off, and the absolute last thing I wanted was to slip back into that slump. So, I talked to some people I respect in the industry and made a plan.

First, it became apparent that I wouldn't be packing on tons of muscle without access to heavy weights. It was easier to face the facts instead of living in a denial I'd call "staying positive" about it and accept that packing pounds onto the barbells and my body wasn't a realistic goal for right now.

Second, we discussed what we CAN focus on during this time instead of what we CAN'T. Something that came up pretty quickly after completing some epic fitness challenges with Rise Strength Lab was the idea to work on conditioning through bodyweight HIIT workouts. I found trying to replicate gym movements boring and ineffective, but with these styles of workouts I could push myself to my absolute limits and it became apparent very quickly that I'd be able to not only maintain my fitness throughout this, but actually improve it in some areas.

Since that realization, I've been doing my best to push hard through this. I'm taking my pre workout and putting on my headphones just like for a gym lift and keeping that intensity HIGH. I've felt a surge of endorphins after every workout, and for the first time since this all happened I've been feeling optimistic that I can actually come out of this quarantine in the best physical condition I've been in for years. We want to help you do that too.

Stay tuned because this week we are going to be announcing some programming we are working on with a high energy, knowledgeable, and reputable trainer to help everyone trudge along through this with us and keep making those #quarantinegains

In the mean time, we've attached one workout you can try to get a taste for what these are like. It's called Lucky 7's and it was made by the guys at Rise Strength Lab Gym. Basically, you set a timer for 30 minutes and see how many times you can complete the circuit outlined in the photo. In my day I squatted 405 for reps no problem and I can tell you right now, this workout with no weights is a serious leg day.

Enjoy the workout and check back soon!

Josh/Supplement World

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