grew up in Regina as a soccer player my entire life. From playing club soccer all the way up to the pro level, soccer and sports were always my entire life. I represented Team Sask at several national events, played pro in Edmonton, played for the University of Regina Women’s soccer team for 5 years (where I captained my last 2), as well as represented Team Canada overseas. I finished university with my Kinesiology degree dual majoring in Human Kinetics and Adapted Movement Science.  As soon as I graduated I became a personal trainer, as well as started my online coaching business called MC Fitness & Nutrition.  My business quickly grew, in which I decided to full out become an online coach and further grow my business.  I offer both nutrition & programming for both lifestyle and competitors.  I also offer one on one posing lessons for bikini competitors either in person, skype, or group classes.  My business has been going strong for 3 years now, and I am proud to say that I am frequently full and not accepting new clients. About 5 years ago when I was finished soccer, I was diagnosed with a heart condition and put on heart meds for a year.  At this time, I couldn’t exercise much, and gained about 40 pounds.  This was very difficult for myself as I have always been active and in shape my entire life. After a tough year I was able to go off my medications, and I decided to take up bodybuilding and found my new passion for health & fitness, and pushing my mind and body to where it seems impossible. I have always been very competitive and driven, and bodybuilding was right up my alley.  I have competed locally, provincially, nationally and internationally within bikini, and fell just short of winning my pro card at the end of 2017.  After having a few different coaches over the years, I joined a team called Hammer Fitness which is based out of Toronto, Ontario about a year and a half ago hiring my current coach Amer Kamra.  Shortly after, Amer asked me to join the team as a coach which was quite an honour.  I am now currently a Hammer Fitness coach where all of my clients are Hammer Fitness athletes.  I also decided to move up to Saskatoon January 2018, where I was more than excited to join the Supplement World team! I also started my YouTube Channel at the end of 2017! 


  • Still currently the University of Regina Women’s soccer team All-time record holder for most goals scored in a career as well as most assists

  • Representing Team Canada for soccer at the World Universiade FISU Games in Russia (where I scored 2 goals), as well as representing in Poland

  • Making the Canada west all-star team in my 4th and 5th years of university

  • Graduating with a Kinesiology degree

  • Running my own coaching business

  • Becoming a sponsored athlete with Supplement World, KH Customs (my custom suit designer), Luxe by KH Customs (my jewelry sponsor),

  • Being published in the Top 10 Hot & Fit 100 Inside Fitness Magazine for 2017

  • Qualifying internationally, and competing at my first International bodybuilding competition October 2017 (The Ben Weider Legacy Cup) Where I placed first in my height class just falling short in the overall for my pro card

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