Jordan has been a lifelong athlete – being involved and participating in multiple sports from a very young age.  His main competitive sports were Track & Field, Volleyball and Basketball.  As an adult he continues to participate in these activities at a recreational/semi-competitive level.

He ultimately turned this passion for sport and competition to bodybuilding and personal training.  Jordan has been competing in the Men’s Physique category of bodybuilding since 2015.  To date he has won 2 overall titles and regularly finishes in the top 3 for his class at the Provincial level.  He also placed 6th at a natural CBBF National level competition in 2017.  As an athlete he is working towards staying qualified for national competitions and one day hopes to achieve Pro Status.  His next show will be August 2018 in Toronto for the CPA Natural Pro-Qualifiers.

Jordan is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and is currently working at Anytime Fitness Stonebridge and Rosewood.  Even though he is a physique athlete, Jordan does not desire to necessarily coach bodybuilders.  His focus is primarily lifestyle clients who are looking to improve their health, fitness and body function overall.  Jordan is hugely passionate about seeing his clients become the best versions of themselves that they can be.